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How My Lost Sweet Girl Became My Found Sweetie How My Lost Sweet Girl Became My Found Sweetie - I didn’t always have a soft spot in my heart for dogs. It seems almost impossible to think there was a time in my life...
Christopher Hayes New Video Editor Meet Christopher Hayes, MIC’s Newest Video Editor - Marketing in Color’s newest video editor, Christopher Hayes is a west coast kind of guy. First, as a child living in San Diego (where his...

what we do

Storm Guard Case Study Featured Image
Case Study: Storm Guard Restoration

Storm Guard Restoration is a franchise company that specializes in insurance restoration for homes and commercial properties that have sustained storm damage. Wanting to grow as a franchise, the company put MIC’s branding expertise to work to address several challenges. Read More

Madico Case Study Featured Image
Case Study: Madico

Madico Window Films, a $60MM global manufacturer of architectural and automotive window film, has built a solid reputation for its high quality films and unrivaled dealer sales support. As its marketing partner since 2003, Marketing in Color has helped to establish the Madico brand as an international powerhouse. Read More

CordaRoys Case Study Featured Image
Case Study: Cordaroy’s

When CordaRoy’s dynamic founder, Byron Young, reached out to Marketing In Color for help with his branding and marketing, he got more than he asked for – he landed an appearance on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank and a deal with “shark” Lori Greiner of QVC fame.Read More

The Villages Case Study Featured Image
Case Study: The Villages

For nearly 20 years, Marketing In Color has helped The Villages, Central Florida’s premier retirement community, with its marketing efforts. From branding, to video production, to digital initiatives and everything in between, we’re very proud to have helped The Villages not just grow, but thrive. Read More

The Portico Case Study Featured Image
Case Study: The Portico

When Hyde Park United Methodist was offered the former site of the historic First United Methodist church, Marketing In Color’s CEO, Cheryl Parrish, was part of the team leading the congregation’s decision.Read More

Joffreys Coffee Case Study Featured Image
Case Study: Joffrey’s Coffee

As one of the first specialty coffee roasters in Florida, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company has always had a passion for creating art with its premium coffees and teas.Read More

City of Tampa Police Website
Case Study:Tampa Business Watch

Tampa Police Officer Sean Mahabir had developed a “business watch” program for Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood that was responsible for cutting crime in half. While his program was highly successful, his branding lacked the professional feel he wanted. Read More

who we are

  • Cheryl Parrish Cheryl Parrish
    Cheryl Parrish
    President & CEO
    John Parrish John Parrish
    John Parrish
    VP, Creative Services
    Herb Young Herb Young
    Herb Young
    VP, Strategic Development
    Charles Calise Charle Calise
    Charles Calise
    VP, Operations
    Angie Goldstein Angie Goldstein
    Angie Goldstein
    Accounting Manager
    Lindsey Schick Lindsey Schick
    Lindsey Shick
    Traffic Manager
    MaryKay Scott MaryKay Scott
    MaryKay Scott
    Account Executive
    Stephanie Lucas Stephanie Lucas
    Stephanie Lucas
    Account Executive
    Courtney Peffley Courtney Peffley
    Courtney Peffley
    Junior Account Executive
    Kristen Diaz A Kristen Diaz B
    Kristen Diaz
    Project Manager
    Diego Aguirre Diego Aguirre
    Diego Aguirre
    Associate Creative Director
    Angela Mitchell Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell
    Associate Creative Director
    Tina Garcia Tina Garcia
    Tina Garcia
    Senior Graphic Designer
    Linda Son Linda Son
    Linda Son
    Graphic Designer
    Nanette Hardee A Nanette Hardee B
    Nanette Hardee
    Amanda Molinaro Amanda Molinaro B
    Amanda Molinaro
    Social Media Specialist
    Edd Twilbeck Edd Twilbeck
    Edd Twilbeck
    Senior Web Developer
    Adam Doe Adam Doe B
    Adam Doe
    Junior Web Developer
    Nick Weber Nick Weber
    Nicholas Weber
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Andrew Shaffer Andrew Shaffer
    Andrew Shaffer
    Digital Marketing Coordinator
    Simon Faulkner Simon Faulkner
    Simon Faulkner
    Production Manager
    Dave Dietz A Dave Dietz B
    Dave Dietz
    Tammy Tate Tammy Tate
    Tammy Tate
    Associate Producer
    Jordan Scherer Jordan Scherer
    Jordan Scherer
    Production Assistant
    Matt Coombs Matt Coombs
    Matt Coombs
    Video Specialist
    Website Bio Chris Hayes Website Bio Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes
    Video Editor
    • Be a partner

      Be a Partner

      Instead of being “order-takers," we enter into long-term relationships, where we collaborate, plan and execute strategies to help brands grow.

    • Cultivate Growth

      Cultivate Growth

      Our team is encouraged to continue their educations, learn new skills, and think entrepreneurially.

    • Stay Creative

      Stay Creative

      We don't settle for cookie-cutter or trendy solutions for our partners. When it comes to creativity, we're not afraid to color outside the lines.

    • Give Back

      Give Back

      We're grateful for the opportunities provided by our local community, and strive to make a lasting difference in the businesses and organizations we support.

    • Prosper


      We value the honest, effective management of funds and resources, as well as a healthy work-life balance.